February 20, 2022

Natalie's 50th Birthday

Birthday, Boudoir

"I decided to live."

Not everyone gets a second chance at life but Natalie Alexander decided she is going to use hers to the fullest. After being diagnosed with heart failure and almost dying, Natalie contacted me to do a 50th birthday and boudoir shoot. She said “I got a tattoo and decided I am going to live it up.” We talked about outfits and the feel she wanted for this important milestone birthday. I love how her zeal for life shines through the camera. Natalie is confident and a natural in front of the camera. Her passion for life screams through every pose. A natural beauty. We were able to feed off of each others energy and it got better with every click of the camera.

Natalie’s shoot was a two part shoot that included a boudoir session. She brought her own playlist and felt sexy and empowered throughout the shoot. She commented that “With Talli behind the camera… her excitement inspired me to do more and more. It was a relationship.”

Natalie is embracing her life and sexuality to the fullest. I am proud to have documented part of her journey and want to share her wish with you of “… God love you, let’s just go live life.”