March 18, 2022

Live a Life you Love

Headshots, Branding Session

I had such a wonderful time preparing for the photoshoot with Diane. Diane was able to open her mind to other wardrobe ideas for her at her in home consultation. Using her branding colors helped us to plan a look and feeling that she wanted to display in her images. Diane really enjoyed her make up session and provided a contagious smile for every image!

In our teens, we think we know it all (or we pretend we do).

In our 20's, we believe we've figured out the game of life.

In our 30's, we start realizing we don't know what we don't know.

In our 40's, we begin re-thinking our life.

Diane Beal is living proof that life after 50 is a dynamic, rich and rewarding stage of life. She has created a company, The Silver Maven, a boutique mentoring practice for women 50+. Her mentorship helps to DISRUPT the misconception that after the age of 50 life only offers decline, despair, disease, and death. Creating a Womanifesto with Diane will help you put your personal action plan to launch a new era to navigate life with calm, clarity and confidence at any age. To learn more, visit