February 24, 2022

Happy Birthday To Me!


Cheers to 43!

I’m 43 today! I remember when I was a teenager and I thought 43 was old. Now that I’m in my 40s…I know better! I’m just getting started!

I’ve always loved shooting outdoors using natural light especially because it never rains in Southern California. Moving to Georgia has brought new challenges. I’ve been pushed to learn studio lighting so I can still have sessions no matter the weather.

I’ve been photographing all of these beautiful women and I said to myself “I want a photoshoot for myself!” So I gifted myself a photo session because I LOVE how I capture images. I scheduled my make-up session, pampered my face, and captured my essence! I wasn’t sure how it would turn out as I was running back and forth from behind the camera to the front of the camera, but I’m so very happy with the results.

I haven’t felt this excited about clothing since fashion school. I had 2 inspirations for this photoshoot. My first was the roaring 20s. I always thought that if I had to pick an era to live in it would be the 20s. Women were breaking tradition with the music, the hairstyles, their dancing AND THE FASHION! My second inspiration came from Carrie/ Sex In the City. Big tulle skirt, hot pink satin heels, lace turtleneck (you know the look!) Two totally different looks and I felt like a goddess in both. My love for fashion has been rekindled as I help my clients prepare for their photo session experience.

Cheers to me, cheers to you, cheers to us! Let’s make this a year to remember.