March 26, 2022

Expect Success, Nothing Less

Headshots, Branding Session

We ALL had a good time during Johunna and Ashley's head shot photo session. It was enjoyable for me to observe and capture their unique personalities and how they work so well together. The wardrobe consultation I had with Ashley prior to the photo session helped to reduce any confusion about coordinating outfits and the dreaded "What should I wear?" question. Johunna appreciated that we were able to stay focused and on task while still having a fun experience.

Johunna Redmond is an experienced and driven realtor of The Redmond Realty Group, serving the Atlanta Metro and surrounding areas. Ashley, her assistant, is her right hand WOman. Johunna and Ashley make a wonderful team and have plans to continue growing the team and their sales this year. It's always an honor to capture images of entrepreneurial women that will be used for growth in the business world. If you are in need of a real estate agent in the Atlanta area, Johunna is ready to help.